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Wyndridge Farm / Bolero Snort Collab Night

Join us on Monday, June 25th at 6PM to try the new collaboration between NJ’s own Bolero Snort Brewery and their friends over the river, Wyndridge Farm from PA!

Wyndridge Farm / Bolero Snort – Mutton Bustin’ IPA
Mutton Bustin’ is a heavily wheated 7% IPA brewed and dry hopped with silly amounts of LemonDrop and Topaz conditioned on Lychee purée and lemon zest. Perfect sipper for the warm days that lie ahead. Incredibly floral with background tropics and citrus.  Mutton Bustin’ on Untappd.

Full Lineup:

  • Wyndridge Farm / Bolero Snort Mutton Bustin’ Lychee Lemon Grass IPA
  • Bolero Snort Crooked Labulls DIPA
  • Bolero Snort OVB Punch – Orange Creamsicle IPA with a Hawaiian PUNCH!
  • Wyndridge Farm Handsome Bull Double IPA
  • Wyndridge Farm Dry Hopped Cider
Plus meet the Bolero and Wyndridge reps and take home some free giveaways like coozies, stickers, and buttons!

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